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June 21, 2016 • Shenny


This post is about the negative aspects of Marketing

     ~ This post is designed to show a two-front war so that way you decide accordingly.

   Why is marketing so bad. Marketing can be bad because bad marketing gives us a product to buy, good marketing offers us a view of the world. Good marketing speaks for the people, bad marketing speaks at the people. Good marketing begins with a cause, bad marketing begins with a goal. Good marketing drives    loyalty, bad marketing drives transactions. Good marketing raises value, bad marketing values raises. Good marketing tells us directly what a company really thinks, bad marketing tells the people what the company wants us to think what they think. Good marketing seduces, bad marketing targets. Good marketing doesn’t mention price, bad marketing always mentions the price. Good marketing uses products as assist to help tell a story, bad marketing tells a story about the products. Good marketing is all about the people, bad marketing is all about them. Bad marketing manipulates, good marketing inspires. The reason why marketing can be bad because he/she cares more about their standing within the organization and not making any mistakes more than getting better in marketing. Empire builders thinks that if they control more people and they have bigger budget, the bigger the chance they will get promoted. The daily monthly flash report has become the core of the activities. Another reason why marketing can be so bad is because the big dog doesn’t leave any disagreements out of a sense of personal insecurity, arrogance, or both.

The few cronies that he/she has been built on fear and isn’t so friendly. This usually results in a dulled level of commitment and enthusiasm on the other part of workers and partners who might stop telling the truth and begin lying just to avoid the boss’s wrath. Leaders who allocate budgets to business units or departments just off of favoritism and power center over than actual business needs, innovation, or performance are wasting talent, plain and simple. A reason why marketing can be bad is because if you always talk about the great ideas but you don’t make them come true, then the rank-and-file workers will become disillusioned. Also, marketing can be bad because the big dog will love the TV because the TV gives him/her the spotlight. Marketing can be bad because him/her doesn’t want to fund initiatives that work even when good Return on Investment is shown that’s because budgets are budgets. Him/her can be afraid to take risks and make mistakes. Or maybe because it is too far taken out from realities of competing in today’s marketplace. Another reason why marketing can be so bad is because him/her thinks that the numbers behind the market are available online. Although the analysis may be written by a journalist instead of a marketer. You see marketing isn’t really good or bad it depends on the way the company speaks to the people. Companies use marketing, but speaking to us is a different story and then the way they market made marketing look so bad. Thank you for your time and have a good day. 

You now decide which path you will take~

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