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Marketing Pros and Cons

The Choice is All Yours!

July 9, 2016 • Shenny

Up to You to decide Your Future.

Your decision to market is up to you. You have to make the decision whether or not you want to market or not. You can’t just rely on your family, friends or any other relatives to choose for you. Think about it, spend a day to think about, you can think 2 days about it, 3days, 4days, 5days, 6days, a week just take your time about it don’t rush it. Think whether or not you will like it. Will you commit to becoming a marketer if you decide to take on this job? Will you keep striving to get even better at being a marketer or will you just give up, the decision is yours. This is something you have to think about. Becoming a marketer will some time away from your day and you will have to sacrifice some of the things you love to become a good marketer. Think of the good things about being a marketer like for an example, marketing can get your word out. If you have good marketing the future buyers will heard your word and will actually come to your business. If you have a business most successful businesses depends on their marketing. If you want this to come true, you must have good marketing or if you have bad marketing you can have the most beneficial products and no one will hear them. If you want to become a marketer you must have good marketing because if you have bad marketing no will hear your products and with no sales your business will be shut down. But ya, that can happen to you if you don’t have good marketing skills, but that is up to you you have to make a choice whether or not you want to be a marketer or not. We will give you an example of a company that has shown exceptional marketing. Check out this garage door and gate repair Orange County, California site named Ameran Garage Door and Gates, LLC, this company has made such an empire for themselves that they are almost unstoppable in their market. You can choose if you want to be a marketer, but here are some of things that can happen to you when you have good marketing skills, you can have a healthy competition: 

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Marketing -‘s

June 21, 2016 • Shenny


This post is about the negative aspects of Marketing

     ~ This post is designed to show a two-front war so that way you decide accordingly.

   Why is marketing so bad. Marketing can be bad because bad marketing gives us a product to buy, good marketing offers us a view of the world. Good marketing speaks for the people, bad marketing speaks at the people. Good marketing begins with a cause, bad marketing begins with a goal. Good marketing drives    loyalty, bad marketing drives transactions. Good marketing raises value, bad marketing values raises. Good marketing tells us directly what a company really thinks, bad marketing tells the people what the company wants us to think what they think. Good marketing seduces, bad marketing targets. Good marketing doesn’t mention price, bad marketing always mentions the price. Good marketing uses products as assist to help tell a story, bad marketing tells a story about the products. Good marketing is all about the people, bad marketing is all about them. Bad marketing manipulates, good marketing inspires. The reason why marketing can be bad because he/she cares more about their standing within the organization and not making any mistakes more than getting better in marketing. Empire builders thinks that if they control more people and they have bigger budget, the bigger the chance they will get promoted. The daily monthly flash report has become the core of the activities. Another reason why marketing can be so bad is because the big dog doesn’t leave any disagreements out of a sense of personal insecurity, arrogance, or both.

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